About us and our technology
We are a cleantech company
We target lignocellulosic waste derived bio-plastics production
Target to substitute global plastic market
OzoneBio is a Canadian biotech company that uses innovative technology to improve high value products by reducing their environmental footprint in the early stages of the supply chain. Our unique technology of dead cell fermentation («Zombie cells») allows us to convert toxic waste into high value materials and products through an emission-negative process.
OzoneBio is Canadian green tech company with focus on production of high value products from challenging wastes. In our work flow we utilize unique technology of dead cells fermentation («Zombie cells») that allows us to convert challenging/toxic feed stocks into high value products and avoid significant expenses and complications related to live cells fermentation.
As a women-founded company, OzoneBio aims to lead the way towards a greener, better world by redefining and bolstering what it means to be «sustainable».
Conventional production
ConventionaI method: 1 kg of adipic acid => 140 liters N2O = 42,000 liters CO2

N2O is a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than CO2
Ozone Bio method:
Adipic acid is produced without greenhouse gas emissions
Our partners
IndieBio is a biotechnology and life science startup accelerator located in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2014. Their accelerator program is based in San Francisco, CA, and runs twice a year, with 15 companies in each batch. IndieBio is part of the SOSV accelerator family and provides participating startups with lab space, $250,000 in funding, and a 4-month incubation program for scientists and entrepreneurs to grow their biotechnology business.
If you are interested in becoming our partner or investor, please feel free to contact us.
Meet our team
Khorcheska Batyrova
PDF University of Toronto, Canada
PhD University of Montreal, Canada
Intern Fraunhofer CMB, USA
PhD Institute of Basic Biological Problems, Russia
Anna Khusnutdinova
PDF University of Toronto, Canada
PhD Institute of Basic Biological Problems, Russia
Zeynep Yilmazer Hitit
Fermentation specialist
Research Assistant at Ankara University, Ankur, Turkey
PhD Montreal University, Canada
Zinaida Eltsova
Lab Manager
PDF University of Calgary, Canada
PhD Institute of Basic Biological Problems, Russia
News about us!
We participated in Biofabricate Summit 2022!
Our contacts

+1 647-809-1982
Calgary, AB, Canada
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